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34. That’s entertainment

« The Band Wagon » Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz (1952) – (1953) « l'hymne justifié de toute la production musicale d'Hollywood […] que la légende dit avoir été composé en une demi-heure » !
Récitatif en intro :
Everything that happens in life
Can happen in a show
You can make 'em laugh
You can make 'em cry
Anything can go....

Chanté :
The clown with his pants falling down
Or the dance that's a dream of romance
Or the scene
Where the villain is mean
That's entertainment!

The lights on the lady in tights
Or the bride with the guy on the side
Or the ball
Where she gives him her all
That's entertainment!

It might be a fight
Like you see on the screen
A swain getting slain
For the love of a queen
Some great Shakespearean scene
Where a ghost and a prince meet
And everyone ends in mincemeat.

The gag may be waving the flag
That began with a mystical hand
Hip hooray!
The American way
The world is a stage,
The stage is a world
Of entertainment !

A show that is really a show
Sends you out with a kind of a glow
And you say
As you go on your way:
« That's entertainment! »

A song, that is waiting along,
Or a dance
With a touch of romance
Is the art, that appeals to the heart.
That’s entertainment !

Admit we’re a hit
And we’ll go on from there
We played a charade
That was lighter than air
A good old-fashioned affair
As we sing this finale
We hope it was up your alley

No death like you get in Macbeth
No ordeal like the end of Camille
This goodbye
Brings a tear in the eye
The world is a stage
The stage is a world
Of entertainment.”

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